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HUSK Wellness

Empowering Healthier Living

Achieving optimal health and wellness doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Access exclusive best-in-class pricing with some of the biggest brands in fitness, nutrition, and wellness with HUSK Marketplace (formerly GlobalFit).

Gyms and Fitness Centers

HUSK Marketplace members can access exclusive savings and flexible membership options to a variety of facilities. From national chains to specialty studios, HUSK has something for every workout.

HUSK Nutrition
HUSK Nutrition provides evidence-based virtual health and nutrition programs. You will meet with a Registered Dietician who will implement a complete 1-on-1 nutrition program specifically designed to answer your nutrition related questions, meet your health goals, individual needs and busy lifestyle.

Home Equipment and Tech
Whatever your fitness level is, HUSK has exclusive equipment and wearable technology to help support you on your wellness journey. Whether you want to monitor an everyday activity or start a new fitness routine, find the best products and deals here.


On-Demand Fitness

Take advantage of all the benefits of group exercise classes in the comfort of your own home. HUSK's streaming membership options will take your wellness and workouts to the next level.

Mental Health

We all need help sometimes. We all go through difficulties and struggles. HUSK Mental Health connects you with licensed therapists through technology. Our therapists empower you through guidance and support using evidence-based practices.

Group Zumba Workout

Ready to start saving with HUSK Wellness? 

Yoga mats
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